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About Us

Welcome to The Source Plus, where we harmonize agroforestry, beekeeping, and traceability using blockchain technology. Our agroforestry nurtures thriving landscapes, beekeeping sustains pollinators, and ApiTrace ensures transparent honey. It’s a celebration of sustainability, quality, and the bond between nature and innovation.

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About us

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to nurture a world where agroforestry, beekeeping, and technology coalesce to create a sustainable, harmonious future. We are driven by values that prioritize ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and transparency. Through agroforestry, we restore landscapes and support biodiversity, while our beekeeping efforts honor the essential role of pollinators. Our commitment to transparency finds its zenith in ApiTrace, a testament to our dedication to quality assurance and consumer empowerment. With every jar of honey, we reaffirm our values and invite you to be part of a collective effort to make a positive impact.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Harmonize nature, bees, and technology for a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Vision

Empower conscious choices through transparency and innovation.

Cultivating Positive Impact Through Agroforestry and Beekeeping

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep within our core. Through agroforestry, we transform barren landscapes into thriving ecosystems, enhancing soil health, and sequestering carbon. Our beekeeping practices support pollinators and safeguard their crucial role in maintaining biodiversity. With every jar of honey, we celebrate the balance between human and environmental well-being. ApiTrace further amplifies our sustainability efforts, offering you the tools to make conscious, informed choices that resonate with the principles of ethical sourcing and responsible consumption.

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