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The Praia Commitment

During the conference the following thematic areas were discussed:

Water & Migration, which aims to identify practicable solutions to alleviate the pressure caused by water scarcity and migration, and consequent impact on agriculture and livestock, food and nutrition security.

Drought Preparedness, which aims to identify practicable solutions to deal with droughts and their impact on agriculture, livestock, food security and nutrition.

Financing Mechanisms, which aims to identify innovative financial mechanisms for interventions dealing with water scarcity in agriculture in the context of climate change.

Water & Nutrition, which aims to create awareness, capacity and evidence on the linkage between water and nutrition.

Sustainable Agriculture Water Use, which aims to increase awareness and action by agriculture and related ministries for more sustainable agricultural water use to address water scarcity for enhanced food security and nutrition.

Communication Strategy, which aims to improve communication amongst all the Working Groups to produce coherent messages, identify target audience and appropriate channels to connect and disseminate the messages of WASAG based on the needs of stakeholders.

Saline Agriculture, which aims to explore the opportunities offered by saline environments (water and soil) for agriculture.

That concluded with the adoption  of “The Praia Commitment ‘’ byWASAG partners and stakeholders.

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