Solving agriculture and energy-based problems is our core business.


Who We Are

The Source Plus is an agricultural & clean energy innovation company that solves problems faced by marginalized communities in sub-Saharan countries. We involve everyone as an actor on the stage of empowering communities on the importance of agriculture and clean energy, good agricultural practices, provision of clean energy, proper and quick responses and to identify their needs, develop strategies of mitigating the impact of marginalized areas and to promote sustainable development that is fully own by the local communities. We are committed to bridging the gap between different disciplinary, advocate and offer consolation in terms of humanitarian assistance and vowed to these marginalized groups.

We envisions a world where all people despite their race, political affiliation, gender and age in any part of the globe, hold power to ignite and create opportunities for themselves and others.

To achieve substantial agricultural and energy development, provide long lasting solutions to problems for all sub-Saharan countries and make sure that people within these countries have regular access to enough high-quality education, food, facilities and job, thus leading to an active and healthy economies.

To secure ecosystem and biodiversity and ensure noble management of water, land and other resources.

How We Work

We engage in interdisciplinary practices where professionals from different industries work together to come up with novel agriculture-based products and solutions. We work with designers, psychologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, researchers, architects and many more professionals to discover insight to solve issues in energy and agriculture.

Through joining forces and partnerships with academic institution, research centers, governments, technology firms and other major institutions like UN, we are able to handle arising challenges achieve development.

Our engagements are rooted in connection and entails involving the community to partake in implementation, support and setting expectations for project point of management, etc. All of this happens before a project kicks off. This means the community gets a seat at the table. Before we seek to bring anything into the community, we first seek to understand and utilize the assets that already exist within the community.

Our Strategy

In order to achieve its goal and vision, we are guided by a Strategic Plan. Which was developed to guide our operations. Through a rigorous analysis of past performance, we identified two thematic areas of focus for the years to come. These are: Sustainable Agriculture and Research.

As part of Sustainable Agriculture and Research, our priority areas are: