Portable Dam: A dam that is deployable in case of high water

Portable Dam is a temporary dam that can easily be deployed by two people to reduce the threat of high water. The seemingly simple dam has unprecedented possibilities and can be efficiently deployed in case of high water, fire or emergency scenarios where, for instance, chemicals are involved.

Protection from high water

Speed and efficiency are the most important factors in this regard. Combined with the fact that water is being combated using water which is already present, this innovation offers a global solution in the fight against floods. In order to actually guarantee dry feet, and to protect towns, cities and electric and hydro-electric power stations from water, it is important to respond quickly, efficiently and above all effectively. Water from the surrounding area is used to fill the temporary dam. Dams or dikes can quickly and easily be increased by 30 and 50 cm.

Emergencies & ecological disasters

In addition to being deployed in the fight against flooding, Portable Dam lends itself to being used for a wide array of purposes. What about retaining (contaminated) fire extinguishing water? Portable Dam is a great resource to be used in the event of disaster to prevent nearby land or waterways from contamination. A temporary basin can be created rapidly, putting you in full control of the removal of the substances captured.

The flexibile material means it can adopt any shape you want. The land surrounding a railway carriage containing chemicals can also be protected quickly and easily against leaks and contamination of the nearby area. This saves emergency response teams a considerable amount of set-up time, enabling them to concentrate on the disaster itself.

The advantages of using Portable Dam:

  • Quick set-up
  • Lightweight: 32 kg without water
  • Easy to fill with water
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to maintain
  • Little storage space required
  • TUV certificate

The figures speak for themselves when every second counts…

  • Unfold the Portable Dam
  • Position the Portable Dam with 2 cm of overlap
  • Fill the Portable Dam with water 
  • Seal the caps
  • The water barrier is ready!
A 100-metre Portable Dam can be created by 2 people and 2 pumps in 1 hour. a 10-metre sandbag barricade can be created by 14 people and 1.000 sandbags in 2 hours. The figures speak for themselves and no further explanation is required to make clear how efficient the deployment of Portable Dam will be in case of an emergency.

Building a 100-metre traditional dam or emergency dam out of sandbags is something that will take at least 20 people about 10 hours. Not to mention the considerable activity in terms of transporting all these sandbags to the site and then removing them afterwards.

Portable Dam is a whole different story. With each unit measuring 5 metres in length, a 100-metre dam can be created by 2 people in just 1 hour (with the help of high-capacity pumps). The compact nature of Portable Dam means that an emergency dam of this scale will require very little transportation to the site. After use, the dam can easily be removed and stored in the storage boxes supplied.