Prof. Darius Otiato

Senior Programme Officer

A professor of Plants, Animal and Food Sciences, with a specific expertise in Horticulture with emphasis in Food Security focusing on Plant mineral nutrition, Crop Pest and Diseases, Soil fertility, Environmental Horticulture and experience in the whole value chain and horticulre market and trade system. Having over 16 years of work in both industry and academia. Andika has been conducting several researches and outreaching activities in relation to horticulture market system, Plants, Animal and Food Sciences (i.e. Food Security, Plant mineral nutrition, Crop pest and Diseases Soil fertility and Environmental Horticulture ect.) funded by TWAS- DFG, NCST, World Bank, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research “BMBF”, KAPAP, EU, USAID, DAAD and IRPS, GIZ, IRPS, SARD and FAO. In particularly, the expertise of Andika’s in horticulture market and trade system, Plant and Food Science analysis methods will provide a solid foundation for the successful delivery of project. His memberships includes but not limited to Kenya National Academy of Sciences since 2015, Horticultural Association of Kenya (HAK), Soil Science Society of East Africa, Kenya Organic Agriculture Network, Maseno University Horticultural Association and Kenya DAAD Scholars Association of Kenya, will provide a pathway to business opportunities of the project


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