Prof. James Kinyangi

Programme Director

Prof.James Kinyangi has over 20 years of experience in research, program management and coordination in crop-livestock integration, soil-crop modeling, soils and land management; water related poverty, as well as research partnerships for science and policy interactions on climate change, agriculture and food security in Africa.

Prof. James Kinyangi oversees the work of participating Consultative Group on The Source Plus (SPL) and coordinates actions that lead to coherent implementation of the SATDAS regional strategy, linking climate change, agriculture and food security. He is in charge of developing core activities with partners to contribute to research outputs and outcomes that are critical to achieving policy changes and address regional priorities around climate change adaptation and mitigation. He has written research articles on global change, ecosystem science, soils and land management in the tropics. Among his key contributions are the development of spatial x-ray pattern analyses for soils and the publication of pioneering work on the first nanometer scale image of soil.

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