Research & Development

SATDAS research and development systems has played a critical role in arid and semi-arid agricultural and rural development. Furthermore, it is central to realization of prospective of arid and semi-arid agricultural innovation.

In arid and semi-arid areas, innovations have countered most of the challenges facing agriculture and natural resources management. However many of these regions do not have adequate resources to appropriately develop their capability to innovate. Moreover, agricultural activities of research entities are habitually affected by scarcity in investments and poor financial management and confinement in technology transfer strategies. Equally, development extension systems are insufficiently matched (under resourced and unwell coordinated) and use obsolete methods and approaches (outdated).

SATDAS purposes to address this gap by contributing to transform agricultural innovation systems through establishment of agricultural research and development partnerships and establishment major central research center that focus on agriculture in arid and semi-arid areas to bring new strategies, products and processes to achieve sustainable agricultural practice, food security, sustainable natural resource management and economic development.

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