SATDAS has provided technological advancements to equip farmers with knowledge, resources and tools to make farming more sustainable in arid and semi-arid areas. Concepts of modern technologies in agricultural systems give a vital role for the enhancement of agricultural productions in arid and semi-arid areas e.g. crop yield, agriculture produce processing and sustainable agriculture, in order to sustain food security.

New technology in all the four areas (Research and Development, Water, Land and Irrigation, Education and Policy and Advocacy) have improved agricultural production, thus its sustainability. SATDAS uses the best management practices (BMP’s) and good agricultural practices (GAP), by targeting many of its technological applications, and not through broadcasting as it was done in the past. By utilizing technology in collection and analyzing of data from other agricultural platforms and the surrounding environment, this section of technology has enabled even inexperienced growers/farmers in arid and semi-arid areas to implement such intangible techniques. Henceforth improving agricultural productivity in areas with limited access to water (arid and semi-arid areas).

SATDAS technology has brought a new era of agriculture and enormous revolution to the future of sustainable agriculture. Since agriculture tends to manage land for both agriculture and wildlife.

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