An Enchanting Tale of Beekeeping and Ecosystem Vitality

Blending Agroforestry, Beekeeping, & Traceability via Blockchain Technology

We create a world where trees flourish, bees thrive, and technology empowers transparency. At The Source Plus, we’re passionate about combining the art of agroforestry, the wisdom of beekeeping, and the trust of blockchain traceability. This symphony of practices not only yields exquisite honey but also nurtures ecosystems and connects you with the source of every golden drop.

Our Success Story

Cultivating Growth and Impact

Our path, defined by transformative agroforestry, beekeeper empowerment, and enhanced traceability, reflects our harmony-driven journey.


Trees Planted.


Acres Rehabed


Farmers Registered


Tonnes of Honey

Our Story: Cultivating Eco-Friendly Synergy for a Greener Tomorrow

Fostering Sustainability Through Agroforestry, Beekeeping & Traceability

Our agroforestry practices transform landscapes into thriving ecosystems, while beekeeping ensures the vital role of pollinators in food production. Through our commitment to transparency and traceability via ApiTrace, we ensure that our honey embodies the principles of transparency and ethical sourcing. Together, we forge a greener and more harmonious tomorrow.

Blending Agroforestry, Beekeeping, & Traceability via Blockchain Technology

Customized Solutions: Your Path to Sustainable Success

Tailored Services for Unique Needs

At the intersection of agroforestry, beekeeping, and technology, we offer a range of services that celebrate nature’s wonders, support sustainable practices, and offer you the power to make informed, conscious choices. We forge a harmonious future where each service contributes to a greener and more interconnected world.

Tree planting
Growing Beauty & Functionality

Tree Planting & Establishment

Assisting clients with selecting appropriate tree species, sourcing seedlings, and ensuring successful tree establishment.

Beehive Installation and Maintenance
Nurturing Bee Sanctuaries

Beehive Installation and Maintenance

Setting up and maintaining beehives for clients, including hive inspection, pest management, and hive health monitoring.

Honey Origin Tracking
Tracing Honey's Global Journey

Honey Origin Tracking

ApiTrace precisely traces the journey of honey from small-scale farmers to local and international markets, ensuring a clear and verifiable record of its origin.

Where Innovation and Nature Converge

Discover Our Vibrant Hub

Discover us nestled amidst nature’s embrace, where sustainability thrives and innovation hums. Our headquarters is situated in Nairobi, and our offices are a hub of creativity and dedication, a place where agroforestry, beekeeping, and technology converge.


Nicholson Court, Nicholson Drive, Ngong Road


KG 412 Street, Gasabo,
Kigali, Rwanda


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