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Beekeeper: Hive Management App

With the Beekeeper: Hive Management App, beekeepers receive efficient swarm alerts, track hive activity, and contribute to vital environmental data. This user-friendly app streamlines beekeeping, ensuring efficient hive management and environmental stewardship. Join us in transforming beekeeping practices today.

Step 01

How beekeeper works

As a beekeeper who is a registered swarm collector, you will get swarm alerts if you select this as an option when you are awarded your Beekeeper account.

  • To be awarded a Beekeeper account, please contact us.
  • Once awarded your beekeeper account you will receive: QR coded hive labels to mark your hives

Scan these QR codes to record all activity with that individual hive on your ApiTrace app.

Step 02

This allows you to effectively store all information about that individual hive and the quality and quantity of honey, whilst contributing to critical environmental data to support the honey value chain.

Step 03


This account with your membership fee will allow you to access all the benefits of our honey processing hubs:

  • Continued education
  • Business support
  • Honey processing equipment and testing
  • Fair price for your honey

All Users

Are supplied with

  • A number of QR codes unique to their account
  • An access code to activate their account on their smartphone and computer etc.

Each account includes:

  • The ability to Record unlimited apiary locations and details on a map
  • With the capacity to treat or move whole apiaries
  • Manage colony inspections (image)
  • Including colony losses
  • Treatments
  • Hive movements
  • Create to-do lists (check your to-do list to prepare for inspections, only inspect those hives necessary)

Receive mapped local pesticide treatment notifications from local pesticide users on the system

View eco-toxicity ‘traffic lights’ for each active ingredient on various species
With links to the University of Hertfordshire’s Pesticide Properties Database

  • Export all data on an excel spreadsheet
  • Send and receive
  • Swarm alerts without telephone calls.
  • Track , map and report environmental observations including notifiable species such as Asian hornet or endangered species
  • Data is securely stored on an ISO27001 approved host

Hive Identification Discs (HID)

The HID use a Quick Response (QR) 2-dimensional bar code to individually label any hive. The Api-Trace app contains an embedded QR code reader that allows a smartphone to identify each labelled hive. The QR codes are printed on weather resistant labels which have marine grade glue. The QR Code labels can be stuck directly onto untreated hives or onto a HID which is screwed to the hive. The QR code should be attached to the front or the back of the brood box and there is no necessity to remove it.

The Api-Trace app will only identify the User’s own HID. If a hive registered to another Api-Trace beekeeper is scanned, the app will report an error. When the app reads the hive’s QR code, it either creates a new hive record in the apiary or allows existing colony details to be updated or viewed such as ‘To-Do’ lists and previous inspection data. 6 hive label QR codes are printed per sheet.

1 - 6 Hives: Beekeeper

Record and store data for up to 6 hives with unlimited apiary locations

Perfect for new beekeepers and those with a small number of hives

7 - 50 Hives: Beekeeper

Record and store data for up to 50 hives with unlimited apiary locations

Ideal for associations with teaching apiaries, addicted amateurs and those with a larger number of hives!

50 + Hives: Beekeeper

Record and store data for more than 50 hives with unlimited apiary locations

Suited to bee farmers and those with a large number of hives. Please contact us for more information.

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