Efficiency in Swarm Coordination

Swarm Harvest

Swarm Harvest enables Swarm Coordinators to send instant swarm notifications to registered collectors effortlessly. This real-time communication ensures swift swarm management.

The only time a Swarm Coordinator needs to make a telephone call is when a swarm has been notified, but not adopted by one of their team. The swarm will be highlighted in red on the real time swarm map until it has been adopted.
  • Send instant swarm notifications to locally registered swarm collectors without the necessity for telephone calls.
  • Send swarm photograph (to confirm species), location (GPS or postcode) and notifier/landowner contact details.
  • Sign up for iWas (i Want a swarm) to request a swarm.
  • Eliminate duplicate call outs and wasted time.

Additional Feature for Swarm Collectors who have indicated in their registration that they are insured to collect Swarms. These can be appropriately trained beekeepers or pest controllers.

  • Receive swarm notifications from all Api-Trace App users and website API alerts, within 10 miles of your registered postcode.
  • Wasps not honeybees? No Problem! Registered pest controllers will also receive swarm alerts and can adopt alerts for what are clearly wasps.

ApiTrace 'Swarm Coordinator'

  • Real Time Interactive map of all Api-Trace reported swarms (via App and website API) within BKA domain.
  • Manage swam notifications in real-time without telephone calls.
  • Identify swarms available for collection, active swarm collectors and unallocated swarms.
  • Register individual Api-Trace swarm collectors within your team
  • View Want A Swarm (WAS) requests.
  • Capture summarise and map valuable geographical data of swarm occurrences and feral colonies within the interactive map.

As a beekeeper who is an insured swarm collector you will get swarm alerts if you select this as an option when registering for Beekeeper

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