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Phones 4 bees

Phones4Bees is your gateway to empowering beekeepers. With your phone, you can help them build their beekeeping businesses, creating opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Your phone can help beekeepers

Your phone can help these beekeepers:

  • Build their businesses,
  • Gain recognised qualifications,
  • Get a fair price for their honey,
  • Access job opportunities in a growing market,
  • And contribute to “big data” to protect their honey business, wild bee colonies, and their environment whole.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need your phone?

  • The phones you donate will be used for bee keepers to keep hive records and monitor and areas pesticide use. 
  • Additionally, help them to achieve and record Vocational Qualifications in Bee Keeping whilst producing the purest honey.

What is ApiTrace?

  • ApiTrace Africa is an innovative project aimed at providing all sections of the beekeeping society with the technology to build their beekeeping businesses and lift themselves out of poverty. Whilst creating a sustainable economy across East Africa by formalising and commercialising the rural production of pesticide free honey. 

Why is it important?

  • 17% of population in Kenya are living in rural arid and semi-arid communities in sub-Saharan Africa. With 80% engaged in apiculture agriculture, contributing to 90% of honey production. 
    Currently 88% of bee-farmers using traditional bee-farming methods, which are highly polluting and environmentally damaging resulting in low yields and returns.
    Developing apiculture in these communities can effectively reduce poverty and provide sustainable incomes for communities whilst supporting environmental concerns.

Will cultivating honey bees in Africa be a problem for wild bees?

  • Africa’s with its diverse agro-ecological conditions provides a favourable environment for apiculture so has potential for increased production of honey and hive products to meet an ever-increasing global demand. However, the system has a built data collection and monitoring to regulate the concentration of hives in a particular area to us not to over populate the environments available resources.
    Also, to support the increase of apiculture in an area. Conservation of vital biodiversity will be encouraged.

What phones can be donated?

  • Any smartphone that is an android version 6.0 of higher or iphone that is version 12.0 or higher.

How do I donate my phone

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